I am 30M have no contacts IRL have valuable int. 30 hrs a week and pas (Lake charles)

I met a lady at the grocery store after walking 40 hours non stop and sillily ignored even talking to them that is how sad i was when i had 90 dollars worth of hygiene restaurant meal and processed food to last till tomorrow i sprayed bug spray started chemistry rinse IrL and now im a copmplete retard for going back to this same place that i will die in for listening to 2 faced corrupted prison foddlers in a 50k house with a 7 person "family" 50 years ago with no education and im living basically in a poison habitat i have 2 years of college completed even after they ... anyways i need cool friends and im gonna die if not like its now summer and they are being their cooky ways of leaving the thermostat at 78 all day and i even pay bills in the household i called local authorities and they will probly just do nothing so whatever my number : show contact info
. I got my jaw partially broken about 11 years ago walking to walgreens on 18th st at 2 am so im missing 2 molars but i have kinda white teeth whatever though i can type 120 WPM survive 40 hours of torture walking the only place habitibal on foot in LC and im losing it honestly i now have to try to go to work without using anything because they will poison ever item i buy as soon as i fall asleep so yea lets he friends and i can help you out FINANCIALLy and LiFElike if we GET ALONF i love girls and have up to date tech and i am really autistic until a few weeks of normal living environment i do not know anyone in my life and do not care for anyone who believes they know me as in my name or anything with their stuff yea Lemme know im trying to live with someone with a braincell not a 2 faced hag trying to kill me so ill keep tabs on all the people they look up to while laughing in nu face GG my number completing a shift today so I am not gonna reject any form of help because their influence upon my health (my "home" with 2 schizos wasting all of life away I will now accept all forms of help and get to know COOL and MUTUAL friendMY # s show contact info
. I will give out legit contact info after we meet and you like help my with a simple task like letting me get some ac for some cash .. washing my work outfit so I don't have poison throughout my shift .. playing games together and talking about how awesome life is if someone doesn't steal each and every millisecond of happiness in a white males prime years never even getting the chance to go anywhere or invite someone over because of their "innocent mistake" and they even get help from the government so this is how America runs anyways going to other platforms this took 20 mins and I went to work with 20g protein poison in all belongings and no electricity i made it though and now I'm starting to realize normal people don't have to spend 90 dollars a day just to work one day thas how dumb this is my pc worth 1k my router in my name legal my phone 2fad one very app fresh new job but it's not gonna last when I can even do ..anyways show contact info

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